Charlotte USA

Charlotte USA is home to the world headquarters of seven Fortune 500 companies, and since 1990, new and expanding businesses have invested more than $18 billion here, creating more than 170,000 new jobs. The Charlotte region consists of about 2.8 million people living in 16 counties in two different states, 12 counties in North Carolina and four in South Carolina. It is strategically located in the center of the East Coast, and the importance of this Eastern time zone location cannot be overestimated. For example, within two hours’ flight time or one day’s delivery by motor freight, businesses in the Charlotte USA region can reach almost 60 percent of the population of the United States and more than 60 percent of the nation’s industrial base.

The Charlotte Regional Business Alliance is a nonprofit, public/private economic development organization that leverages regional resources to market the 16-county Charlotte region to the world as a premier business address. The Alliance’s business development activities position Charlotte USA for sustained, long-term growth, job creation and investment opportunities.

Consisting of 15 counties – 12 in North Carolina and four in South Carolina, Charlotte USA has a wealth of assets for the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance to market. The Alliance serves as a catalyst for government/business collaboration to market and promote Charlotte USA as a highly competitive, vibrant region with an increasingly attractive quality of life.

For more information about locating your business in Charlotte USA contact:

The Charlotte Regional Business Alliance
330 South Tryon Street.
Charlotte, NC 28202