Rates, Terms, & Amenities

The Office of Research Partnerhips offers more than 100,000 square feet of on-campus premium lab and office space, intertwining industry and government partners with one of the country’s fastest growing four-year public research universities. No matter where you are on campus – our award winning PORTAL innovation building, a hi-tech lab, or just grabbing a cup of coffee – you are rubbing shoulders with like-minded and results-driven pioneers.

Our approach to business and government partner space licensing is straightforward:

  • Partnership between our business and government partner tenants and the University is a critical ingredient in all space licensing agreements.
  • We provide a “plug-and-play” environment for our partner tenants that is reflected in the “all in” approach to our rate structure. All tenant services and amenities, including immediate no-cost access to state-of-the-art convening spaces and support facilities, are outlined below.
  • We provide flexible space licensing terms.

For more information about the exceptional space licensing options at UNC Charlotte, check out our pdf brochure and/or contact us directly. Let’s start pioneering together.